It’s always great to hear positive feedback from satisfied patients. These testimonials are from patients I’ve treated for a range of ailments from period pain to tinnitus, they are all anonymous to maintain confidentiality.

If you’d like to discuss how acupuncture can help you or if you’d like to arrange a consultation, please feel free to get in touch – I’d love to hear from you.

Calf muscles have been much better the last few mornings and half marathon went well . Thanks for your help!

The Anchester clinic was recommended to me by a colleague. My introduction to acupuncture has been an enlightening experience and each session has been enhanced by Tim’s warm and friendly manner

Hooray. I felt so much better yesterday I was able to go out and still had plenty of energy for the rest of the day , and my arm is feeling much better. Thanks Tim

I always feel relaxed and chilled after acupuncture with Tim, I totally recommend him if you have a stress related illness

Huge thanks! Although my hands are still stiff and numb, they are totally pain free. I had a pain free night – bliss! The night before I had been crawling the walls with horrible nerve pain. I’m delighted and very relieved. Thanks again :-)

I was something of a sceptic when I first entered Tim’s clinic, needless to say I was fully aware of the huge benefits of acupuncture after my first session (of many) with Tim! My tinnitus was noticeably better and the general feeling of calm and relaxation carries me through the week until my next session! Highly recommended.

I had always suffered with my periods for most of my adult life, however since having my little boy 4 and a half years  ago, I felt things had become progressively worse. I began to experience pain not only during but through the latter half of my cycle . In the days immediately before and after my period I experienced abdominal tenderness, pain and lethargy. It was really beginning to affect my life , so I went to see a gynaecologist who offered me an ultra sound. While everything was healthy and there was nothing too sinister, he diagnosed adenomyosis, and said in probability I had endometriosis as well but only further tests would confirm this. The only suggested treatment was a progesterone only pill which would stop my periods all together. I researched the side effects, and while some people were not affected many complained of a host of side effects including bloating, lethargy, severe mood swings with this medication. It felt like I was going to be treating one problem while creating more. I decided to contact a local acupuncturist which lead me to Tim . I hoped for some minimal relief from my symptoms , particularly pain. After a course of 4 treatments  I have been astounded with the results. Not only was my last period more or less pain free, but my energy levels and well being remained intact throughout. I actually felt completely normal, no excessive sleeping , body aches,tiredness, anxiety and all the usual symptoms which I have become so accustomed to as part of my cycle.
All I can say is I wish I had tried this years ago and a big thank you to Tim. If you have any problems of this kind and are considering acupuncture , my advice would definitely be “go for it! “